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Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser 8 in 1

Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser 8 in 1

$77.00 Regular Price
$69.30Sale Price

Deep cleanse your skin like never before, while also energizing and hydrating it with the innovative Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser | 8 in 1. Big goodbye to blackheads and impurities forever as the AirPulse Suction Deep Pore Cleansing leaves your pores clear of all unwanted elements. Hydrate and protect your skin with the complementary Aqua-Stream Solution and welcome a dazzling radiance as your crystal clear skin becomes stronger, smoother, and brighter.


With three different cleansing attachments and an unmatched array of cleansing and exfoliating features, the Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser | 8 in 1 addresses the following skin focus areas:

  • Hygiene
  • Skin Glow
  • Toning
  • Impurities
  • Oily Skin
  • Texture
  • Fine Lines

Designed to cleanse and purify every inch of your beautiful face, the Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser channelizes the power of the following sensational beauty technologies:

  • Skin Scan & Personal Routine Guide powered by cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you get the most out of your device
  • AirPulse Suction Deep Pore Cleansing to gently draw out impurities from deep within your pores
  • Hydrating Ultra Deep Aqua Cleansing to nourish your skin with the moisturizing power of water
  • Impurities Prevention Technology to strengthen your skin against unwanted impurities
  • Superior Blackhead Extraction Technology, which effectively removes blackheads for a clear complexion
  • Exfoliating Aqua-Stream Technology to erase dirt and impurities with a potent stream of water
  • Energizing Hydra Refreshing Technology, which revitalizes your skin for lasting radiance
  • Redness and Dry Skin Reducer to soothe inflammed and dehydrated skin and restore its natural glow


With the Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser | 8 in 1, you can not only hydrate, cleanse, and exfoliate your entire face but also your neck and décolleté. For instant access to all sessions along with video-guided training and personalized recommendations, go ahead and download the free GESKE app. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the app’s powerful algorithm analyzes your skin and recommends devices that are perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs. Set your Skin Goals and follow thousands of video-guided training sessions to get the most out of your device. Dive into the never-before-seen experience of observing your skin inching towards visible perfection with GESKE.


Cleansing will never be the same again with the Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser | 8 in 1 from GESKE, the ELLE No.1 Beauty Innovation. Take advantage of its multifaceted powers and flaunt the clearest, brightest, and softest skin that you’ve ever had.

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