Spray Tanning

Allows you to shower one hour after the application, or for darker results allow up to 3 hours. Natural tan releases the latest technology in spray tanning with this exciting one hour spray tanning solution.

Natural Tan is a premium quality spray tanning solution that uses the highest quality ingredients to produce a quick drying, pleasant scented, non-sticky spray tan.

Natural Tan



            Pre-Treatment Advice


- Exfoliate your entire body everyday for a week leading up to your Spray Tan appointment.

- Do not wear any moisturisers, oils, perfumes or deodorant to your Spray Tan appointment.

- Remove any other tanning products on your skin prior to your Spray Tan treatment. This will help to guarantee a more even, longer lasting result.

- Perform hair removal such as waxing and shaving prior to your Spray Tan treatment.

            Post-Treatment Advice


- Take it easy and do not do anything that will make you sweat immediately after your Spray Tan.

- Only shower after the recomended time period.

- Rince your Tan only with water until it runs clear. Avoid soap or body wash for optimum results.

- Pat dry your skin gently with a towel after showering. Avoid rubbing.

- Extended use of baths, pools, spas or showers are not recommended.

- Use after care products to extend the life of your tan.

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