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LED Light Therapy Natural Beauty

LED Light Therapy

The perfect treatment to stimulate your skin’s healing process. LED light treatment is the best pain-free and non-invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation. Using our innovative phototherapy machine can help reduce acne breakouts and calm post-inflammatory scarring and rosacea.

Express LED Light Therapy


Includes a facial cleanse, LED Light therapy followed by hydrator and sunscreen application.

Deluxe LED Light Treatment


Includes a facial cleanse, custom serums, LED Light therapy followed by an Alginate Mask and finished with hydrator and sunscreen application. 

Add LED Light Therapy to any facial


Take your favourite facial treatment to the next level

with the healing power of LED. A great addition to any of our derma facials

How does it work?

Light Emitting Diode therapy known as LED Light Therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses different wavelengths of light, which is gentle on the skin. 

The treatment stimulates the skin at a cellular level leading to natural healing. LED treatments can be tailored to treat a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions.

What Skin Concerns Are Treated by LED Therapy?

Different coloured LED light exposure can treat a variety of different skin concerns and conditions including:

- Acne

- Pigmentation

- Age Spots

- Sun damage

- Fine 

Blue Light

Great for Acne, helps remove the acne causing bacteria, reducing breakouts and inflammation. Also generates cellular activity that heals age spots and sun damage.

Red Light

Has fantastic anti-ageing properties. It helps brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation and age spots. The red light stimulates collagen production improving skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and leaving smoother, fuller looking skin.

Red LED treatments also improves circulation reducing inflammation, returning a healthy glow to your skin. 



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