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At Natural Beauty we pride ourselves on our Brazilian hair removal treatments.

Brazilian Waxing

Experience the Smoothest Waxing & Sugaring in Albury

At Natural Beauty, we're passionate about helping you achieve your smoothest confidence. That's why we specialize in luxurious Brazilian hair removal, offering both waxing and sugaring options to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Waxing or Sugaring: Unveil Your Perfect Choice

Both waxing and sugaring effectively remove unwanted hair, but their subtle differences might sway your decision. Waxing, the classic choice, delivers long-lasting results with a precise application. For those seeking an extra-smooth finish and gentler touch on sensitive skin, sugaring shines. It exfoliates as it removes, minimizing ingrown hairs and offering a potential path to permanent hair reduction over time.


Brazilian Wax
Follow Up Brazilian Wax

Follow Up Brazilian Sugaring



Preparing for Your Smooth Transformation:

To ensure the best possible experience, follow these pre-appointment tips:

  • Let it Grow: Avoid shaving for at least three weeks before your appointment. Hair needs to be at least 0.5cm long for optimal results.

  • Exfoliate Gently: A light pre-wax exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, allowing the wax or sugar to grip the hair follicle more effectively.

  • Trim if Needed: If your hair is particularly long, trimming it beforehand can enhance comfort during the process.

Post-Waxing Bliss: Nurturing Your Smooth Skin:

After your appointment, a little TLC goes a long way:

  • Exfoliate Regularly: Starting three days after waxing and every two days thereafter, gentle exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Soothe and Protect: Apply a high-quality after-wax lotion to calm irritation, prevent infection, and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

  • Take it Easy: For 24 hours after your appointment, avoid strenuous exercise, spas, and saunas. Let your skin breathe!

  • Embrace the Cotton Comfort: Opt for loose, breathable cotton underwear or go commando at night to allow the waxed area to heal optimally.

Brazilian Natural Beauty

Your Journey to Smoothness Starts Now

Schedule your appointment at Natural Beauty today and discover the difference our expertise and commitment to your comfort can make. We'll guide you through your Brazilian hair removal journey, ensuring a smooth, confident, and pain-free experience.

Remember: Maintaining a 4-week interval between appointments allows your hair to grow to the ideal length for the next session. And resist the urge to shave in between! Shaving disrupts the hair growth cycle, impacting the effectiveness of future waxing or sugaring.

Ready to unveil your smoothest self? We're here to make it happen. Book your Brazilian waxing or sugaring appointment at Natural Beauty today!

Bonus Tip: Explore our range of after-care products like gentle exfoliating scrubs and soothing after-wax lotions to pamper your newly radiant skin!

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  • 1. Which is right for me: Waxing or Sugaring?
    Both offer smooth results, but here's a breakdown: Waxing: Classic choice, long-lasting results, precise application. Not as gentle as sugaring. Sugaring: Extra-smooth finish, gentler on sensitive skin, exfoliates to reduce ingrown hairs, potentially leads to permanent hair reduction over time. May not be as long-lasting as waxing for some.
  • 2. Does Brazilian waxing hurt?
    Everyone experiences pain differently, but we utilize techniques and gentle wax/sugar formulas to minimize discomfort. We'll also guide you through breathing exercises and offer numbing options if needed.
  • 3. What can I do to prepare for my appointment?
    Let your hair grow for at least 3 weeks (about 0.5cm long), gently exfoliate beforehand, and trim if your hair is particularly long. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for your visit.
  • 4. How can I prevent ingrown hairs after my appointment?
    Exfoliate gently every 2-3 days starting 3 days after your wax, wear breathable cotton underwear, and avoid tight clothing or friction in the waxed area. We also offer after-wax lotions to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • 5. How often should I get waxed/sugared?
    Ideally, every 4 weeks. This allows your hair to grow to the optimal length for the next session. Avoid shaving between appointments as it disrupts the hair growth cycle and impacts the effectiveness of future treatments.
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