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Massage Therapy

A smooth and gentle massage. Unwind and relax in a candle-lit room. The professionals at Natural Beauty are passionate about creating a stress-free environment, and providing you with deep relaxation through a great massage!


Since ancient times the therapeutic effects of massages have been used to treat a variety of ailments.  Some of these ailments include:

  • joint and muscle pain

  • stress and anxiety

  • soft tissue injury

  • musculoskeletal pain


Pregnancy massages are also available and performed in a very comfortable pregnancy chair.


Relax with a professional full-body massage at our Beauty Salon to relieve stress and pain.

Full body massage at natural beauty

Relaxation Massage Services

Full Body Massage (1hr)


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage



Pregnancy Massage (1hr)


Hot Stone Massage (1hr)


Hot Stone Massage (1.5hr)


What to expect?

Your massage therapist will take you to a treatment room where a comfortable massage table awaits. A shelf for your personal belongings or a chair are also provided for your use.


Your massage therapist will leave the room and wait outside while you disrobe. We ask that you keep your underwear on.


Once disrobed, you will lie on the massage table, under a towel. Your massage therapist will give you a few minutes for this process and will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room.

You will always be draped with a towel during your massage session. The etiquette your massage therapist will follow is to only uncover the part of the body they are working on, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.


You can expect a tranquil and comfortable environment during your massage.

Once your massage therapy session is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you may re-dress.

Back Massage at Natural Beauty
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