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Sonic Facial & Body Roller

Sonic Facial & Body Roller

$66.00 Regular Price
$59.40Sale Price

Our innovative SmartAppGuided™ Sonic Facial & Body Roller is designed to visibly firm and refine the skin on your entire body, including your face.

Our proprietary SmartSonic Pulsation Technology enables the Smoothing & Tightening Skin Massage through over 14,000 sonic pulsations per minute. The efficiency is measured in a reduced appearance of expression lines and more refined contours of your face and body.

Thanks to perfectly adjusted pulsations, you can firm and refine the skin on important facial areas such as the forehead, cheekbones, or jawline, but also body areas where firm skin stands out, such as your collarbone. You can also tackle problematic areas where the skin tends to have issues more frequently: hips, abs and thighs instantly come to mind.

The final result is a well-defined facial contour and a body shape that’s enviable. In conjunction with the SmartSonic Pulsations, a proprietary sphere design called 3D Contouring & Firming Waves relieves muscle tension and reduces puffiness in massaged face and body areas.

Developed for

  • Firming, refinement, and relaxation of the skin
  • Attaining radiant, healthy-looking skin
  • All skin types


  • Facial and body contours are left visibly lifted, toned, and renewed
  • Relieves muscle tension and reduces puffiness through massaging face and body areas
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