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Eyebrow Essentials

Woman with well groomed eyebrows

We have all been a victim to bad eyebrows once in our life.

Either it was that monobrow in high school, the over tweezed Pamela Anderson arch that your best friend thought she could do for you, or my favourite the McDoanld's Arch’s that were ever so popular when I first started my beauty career.

But just like Fashion, it changes with each generation.


Thanks to people like Cara Delevingne, Chloe Grace Moretz and Lily Collins, we have now come into a time were a fuller more natural brow is on trend and I couldn’t be happier! Not only does this represent each owns individual beauty but it suits the individuals face shape.

Now I’m not just saying let’s go wild and let our brow hair do its own thing and we’ll become supermodels. That “Natural Brow” actually takes a lot of planning with the right brow artist to achieve. (Plus no one wants that mono brow back)

This is not a quick fix: this is a restoration. Whenever I see someone’s eyebrows I see the full potential laying underneath. A restoration requires a lot of trust in your brow artist. I have heard so many horror stories when it comes to brows plus I have laid on that treatment bed and experienced it too.

Eyebrow Tips

I have always had a passion for eyebrows. There is something about them that intrigue me. Back at the start of 2014 I wanted to learn more about them. I wanted to take my brow knowledge from great to amazing. I enrolled with Brow Artist International (BAI) and completely my certificate in the Natural Brow Restoration. The BAI is led by Elle Wilson (My brow mentor) and is a community of brow artists from all over the world.

What’s involved in a brow restoration?

Eyebrow restoration in albury

First step – Hide those Tweezers!

No home maintenance is to be done at all.

The first appointment involves a consultation about the brows and what is possible. Once

the brow hair is examined I can start to reshape the brow. Most brows will be “Work in progress” which means that follow up appointments are involved. I also like to keep photos to show the progress that is being achieved. Please allow an hour for the first booking.

Once the initial consultation has been done I will re-book you for a follow up appointment.

A brow restoration isn’t just for the person who’s had a unfortunate brow wax, it’s also for the person who’s happy with their brows but not in love.

So before you decide to go down the path of feathering – which is a tattoo – Please consider a more natural approach to your brows.

Let me show you what is possible!




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